Local sights seeing

The surrounding region including Satigny, Dardagny and Choully. It is famous for its vineyards and traditional villages.

Val de l’Allondon
Classified as a protected area, this deep ice gap is know for its quiet, wild aspect. Along the Roulavaz ( from the river Allondon) you can see the remains of a very old mine.


Centre Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Centre for Nuclear Research) at Meyrin. Open to visitors on Saturday. Information and registration on 022 767.84.84.

Moulin de Vers
Wild life sanctuary in an old river Rhône bed.


Can be reached very quickly by train. Lots of museums. Parks and walks ,the lake.
Head office of the UNO


Geneva scout headquarters and scout shop at 5 rue Pré-Jérôme, 1205 Geneva ( off rue de Carouge),
Head office of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, 5 rue Pré-Jérôme, 1205 Geneva
Geneva Tourism Office . Rue du Mont-Blanc18, phone:022 909.70.00.