These rates are applied to scouts, schools and recognized youth associations.

Please pay  attention !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
As from 2012, non-residents in Geneva,  will be charged a visitor’s tax amounting to   CHF 1,65 per night and per person.  In return,  they will receive a Transport Card, giving them free access to the Public Transports network inGeneva  (named “TPG” : Transports Publics Genevois) : trams,  buses,  small boats,  local trains (ie the train from Geneva-Cornavin to  Satigny !)


                                     Scouts                        Schools                    Associations

                                                                 Youth associations

1 day, ground floor only

with use of kitchen               

all inclusive :         CHF 100.-                  CHF 250.-                  CHF  400.-    

1 week-end, night/person              

                                 CHF    12.-                 CHF 18.-                    CHF  25.-

1 week, night/person                                 

                                 CHF    12.-                 CHF 18.-                    CHF  25.-


Charges for a minimum of  20 persons        20 persons             25 persons


All inclusive

Charges not included:  damage to property and cleaning costs if necessary.

Deposit: 1/3 of the total, minimum of CHF 300.-